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About Camping Beira Marvao

Our Mission and Joy

Our mision is to care for and share our beautiful estate in the astonishing rich landscape of Parque Natural de Sao Mamede and all the amazing cultural, historical, physical and natural features it has to offer.  To be a safe haven and refuge to all people who want to escape the hectic everyday life, unwind, reload and get inspired. To guard the peace and quiet and at the same time provide a relaxed and familiar environment that invites to healthy movement and enjoyable company.

Camp regulations


Campground Park Map

Site prices include up to 6 people per site and 2 licensed vehicles (including all trailer types). You may request a specific site, however site numbers are not guaranteed.

For guests who may arrive outside of our usual business hours, your reserved site information will be available via a posted envelope on the Registration Building window. The next morning, please stop by the Office again to complete the check-in process.

How it came about

March 1, 2012
Campground founded

A Dutch couple started camping Beira Marvao as a "rustic campground. During the following 9 years they added facilities , like a sanitary building and electricity.

April 18, 2021
Campground for sale

After being for sale for almost 2 years, Ronald and Vitor found the campsite on "". After Ronald's burnout, it seemed the perfect opportunity to step out of the system that forces people and cities to compete for economic growth. Ronald and Vitor decided to leave Amsterdam and chase some dreams.

June 1, 2021
Ronald, Vitor and Dushi visit Marvao

We decided to take a chance and head for Portugal to see the site and it's surroundings. All three of us immediately fell in love with the estate and Parque Natural da Derra de Sao Mamede. We decided to go for it!

August 30, 2021
Leaving Amsterdam!

No turning back. With the Hymer campervan loaded with unnecessary stuff, Vitor Ronald and Dushi hit the road to never return.

September 8, 2021
Buying the campsite

The campsite (economic activity) is ours and since it never closed, we immediately are running the place. It is fun from day 1, adding some Brasilian Dutch hospitality and some Jazz to the terrace of kiosk Amsterdao.

September 18, 2021
The estate is ours!

We are now the full owners of the Quinta with 3 hectares of olive, eucaptus and fruit trees in the astonishing rocky and hilly landscape of Beira-Marvao

Our Team


Dushi is our security officer. Born 26 September 2020, she is still a playful friend to everybody.


Vitor Ribeiro (1971), born in Brasil, husband of Ronald, spend 20 years in Amsterdam working as a barista. Presently campground owner and manager


Ronald Wiggers (1965), husband of Vitor, spend all his adult life in Amsterdam, working as a human geographer for the city of Amsterdam. Currently assistant camp manager.

Special Features

Unique Camp Store

Snacks, soda, souvenirs, gifts, supplies, firewood, ice (no tobacco or alcohol available)

Nightly Group Campfire

Join us for days of singing, cooking out on the campfire, games, unique arts and crafts and so much more!

Restrooms & Showers

Compact and easy to use. Place in a sunny location, allowing the warmth of the sun to warm your shower water!

Free Wireless Internet

We have 5 wifi antennas on the ground to cover camping and thus allow you to remain “connected” via our network

Bike Rentals

You are planning an epic road ride into the mountains? Campgrounds has the perfect rental bike for you


Come and enjoy traditional playground activities including arts and craftsasports and day trips

Frequently Asked Questions

The nearest grocery stores are in Santo António das Areias at 5 km. There is a modern supermarket (Pingo Doce) in Castelo de Vide (8,5 km).

We have a maximum of 4 people on the camping spot you choose.

Only well socialised dogs – to people and other dogs – are allowed. We don’t accept dogs that are on the list of dangerous dog breeds. At checkin you have to present your dog to us and to Dushi.

No, because of the fire hazard in this part of Portugal and Spain, open fires and barcues on coal are not allowed.

We are happy to share our beautiful estate with guests to enjoy the nature and amazing landscape. We offer peace and quiet and in the evening a chance to socialise. Therefore, and because of the lay-out of the estate, we want to minimize traffic on the grounds and we don’t offer a one night stay.